Oct 8, 2019

I experimented basic sequencer and related video making features with Mirror, a one-minute short clip. During the process, material making, planar reflections, blending animations, and Unreal Engine sequencer were tired, broken, fixed, broken again, fixed again, and finally helped me make the video possible.

With former experience of Premiere and DaVinci, I would say the sequencer part is not the hardest to understand. However, the material of mirror, or any kinds of reflective material, really took me hours to make. And the final outcome is still not what was in my mind before I got my hands on the software.

Error Mirror

The blueprint script of the material, though, is more than simple. However, just to understand the planar reflection is not an object that can be directly rendered in the video, but a “guide” for reflective materials to capture the surroundings took me more than an hour, with several unusable clips rendered. Then a laundry list of parameters to be adjusted took another hour.

Final Sequencer