Radio Frequencies

Radio Frequencies

Apr 12, 2020

Week Two Assignment / Look up the frequencies in a geographic location of your choice.

I decided to look up the radio frequencies around Waikiki Beach (HI, 96815) that I went to during the Winter recess. It turns out that there’s not many different frequencies in Honolulu County so that I had to look at the Education section in the result. More specifically, different campuses of University of Hawaii. However, another problem occurred that licenses of frequencies in both Honolulu Community College (WOFH280) and Kapiolani Community College (WQVC487) are not well documented in the system and I failed to retrieve the information for them. At last, I found ones for the rest three campuses:

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescription
Leeward Community College453.62500KNEK518RMLCC SecurityLeeward Community College - Security Operations [Encrypted]
Manoa858.36250WNUR273RM001 NACDIGI RPTSecurity
858.36250WNUR273RM051 DPLUH ParkingAuxiliary Services Parking
West Oahu464.07500WQUE255RMUHWO PrimaryUHWO Primary Operations
464.47500WQUE255MUHWO Ops 1UHWO Ops 1

Licenses #

All the licenses are issued by the licensee HAWAII, STATE OF and are all active now.

  • FCC Callsign KNEK518


Radio service: PW: Public Safety Pool, Conventional. The license has 2 towers in total.

  • FCC Callsign WNUR273


Radio service: GE: Public Safety/Spec Emerg and Public Safety Ntl Plan, 806-817/851. The service has 8 towers in total. A note is attached in the document that this license is for government entity to provide communication for public safety.

  • FCC Callsign WQUE255


Radio service: IG: Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional. The service has 2 towers in total. A note is attached in the document that this license is for the university to coordinate their activities.

Resources #

  1. Honolulu County Hawaii - Radio Reference
  2. FCC Callsign KNEK518 (HAWAII, STATE OF)
  3. FCC Callsign WNUR273 (HAWAII, STATE OF)
  4. FCC Callsign WQUE255 (HAWAII, STATE OF)